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Our CMM reference spheres are manufactured and tested to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring the accuracy you need in your business.

Engineered Product & Bespoke Designs

Using our in house equipment we are able to inscribe your product with relevant information and measurement or even add your own company branding.

Reference / Tooling Balls & Spheres

Our tooling/construction/icky balls come in standard sizes ranging from 4-40mm and are manufactured with an extremely tight tolerance of 0.00025mm

Portable Arm Tips

Replacement tips and points for portable measurement arms with multiple options for materials, size and construction

Ball Calibration Lab

Our in house lab is assessed every year by UKAS to ensure it meets the strict standards of ISO/IEC 17025. Along with rigorous inspection of our own products we also offer a recalibration service to ensure your working gauges maintain the highest degree of accuracy

Ball Gauges

Ideal for measuring in tight spaces and blind holes our ball plug gauges can be supplied at +/-1 micron or as per go, no go gauge standard tolerances

Custom Ball Manufacturing

Our extensive in house equipment allows us to design, manufacture and certify custom and non-standard balls in-house, whatever your requirements