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Bespoke Laser Engraving for Branding, Customisation, Identification

Bespoke Laser Engraving for Branding, Customisation, Identification

TN UK are able to laser engrave products, whether it be simply the serial number or more. We can engrave the product with the diameter that is reflected from the UKAS certification and also the customer's own company logo.

TN UK can also offer branded silk screen printed cases that enable to keep the product protected whilst not in use.

Our Quality Guarantee

Accuracy is our trademark at TN UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to measure and calibrate the products we manufacture. Housing some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world, our annually assessed UKAS lab means we guarantee the precision of the products we supply.

On top of that, we maintain regular and open communication directly with you and any relevant departments to ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

We also offer a recalibrate service for your existing gauges, CMM Reference balls and Master Ball Sets. So you can rest assured that, whether we are supplying a new product or recalibrating an existing one, by meeting our strict standards, your company meets its strict standards (particularly important for other calibration assessed companies).



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    What is the laser engraving process?

    Metal engraving using a Laser is carried out using a strong laser with a targeted beam (called the focal point), the laser's intense heat melts the target material in a highly controlled manner. The heat is so great that some of the waste material actually evaporates during the engraving process. Other waste material is forced out from the engraved grooves by the vapour pressure which is then removed when the surface is cleaned.

    Unlike laser cutting techniques, the machine is made to engrave text or designs into a material's surface rather than cut through it completely.

    What is the difference between laser etching and engraving?

    The main difference between laser etching and engraving is the depth to which each process can achieve. Laser etching can go to a depth of 0.08mm whilst laser engraving can go significantly deeper, to depths of 0.5mm. There are also specialised deep laser engraving machines that are capable of creating grooves more than 0.5mm deep.

    Will laser engraving wear off?

    How long a laser engraving lasts is dependant on the material that has been engraved and what friction is applied to it. In a case when an engraved metal object is being used by hand then the engraving should last forever. However, if the metal is coming into contact with another material of similar hardness, or polished over many years, then it may eventually wear down.

    How deep can you laser engrave?

    Standard Laser Engraving can be done in a range up to a depth of 0.075 to 0.5mm. There are also Deep Laser Engraving tools that are capable of engraving deeper than 0.5mm