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TN UK is a name you can trust in

Through nearly 50 years of experience, we continue to build on our heritage. A dedicated team enables the world to ensure their measurements are accurate for their products.

We continue to invest and deliver some of the most accurate parts produced in the world, to the largest Metrology Companies. Our in-house UKAS ISO:17025 Accredited lab facilities have world-class measurement machines, ensuring the accuracy of our products. TN UK is a name you can trust in.

Spheric Trafalgar is now TN UK Ltd

Having built an industry-leading reputation over the last half-century Spheric Trafalgar attracted significant investment in 2013. 

Over the following years, this allowed us to upgrade both our premises and add even more cutting edge equipment to our facilities. We now offer more services, increased capacity and most importantly more accuracy than ever before.

We didn't just evolve, we got even better...

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